My complete and undivided attention. Our time together in that session is all that matters then and there. I also request and expect the same in return. 

You safety is my priority.

I will never ask you to put yourself in danger or a sketchy situation for any photo. It's also paramount for me that you and everyone involved (including the dogs) are totally calm, relaxed and happy. 

Most sessions last at least half an hour. Every session is different and I don't necessarily like to put a time limit on them. I would rather take a bit longer and walk away with photos I know are 100% to the best of my ability and that we will both love forever. 

Your own online gallery to view, share, download and purchase products. 

Your very own custom App to download directly to your phone home screen, or mobile device. The app has your gallery available for you to view and show others, create a favourites album and share directly to your social feeds. 

The option to order photo prints, beautiful coffee table albums and my unique custom wood frame hangers. I believe it is so important to print our photos, enjoy them every day in our homes and save them from being lost in the digital abyss of our phones and computers. 






Are you an adventurer? A hiker? A walker? A weekend warrior, experience searcher, someone who believes that being outside in nature is good for the soul.  Someone who couldn't imagine doing any of this without your furry best friend there by your side...whose phone is full of pictures of your pup, videos, boomerangs and selfies of you both, that can take an age to scroll through them all...

This session is for you

I am also this person and you are my people. 

Let me join you on one of your adventures. I would love to meet you both and hear your stories, make a new furry best friend, and document your (and our) time together with timeless keepsake photos

It could be a hike that rewards us with epic views, a leisurely stroll in a beautiful landscape, or your daily 'walkies' in a location you both enjoy and visit regularly. Regardless of the location it will fun, chill and full of smiles and laughs.

And yes, you being in at least a few photos is a requirement.

I promise you will thank me later! 

Session Packages start at $150










 When was the last time you had your family together to have photos taken? Or just you and your siblings, grandparents, mother and children, partners...lets book a time to make this happen and capture the precious moments before they fly by. We can go to a beautiful location, enjoy a sunset together, or I can come to you. Maybe you're celebrating a special occasion; an engagement, first birthday or it's just simply time for some updated photos